After my mother’s death, my siblings and I were left with what seemed like a mountain of arrangements to deal with. In her old age, my mother became a bit of a hoarder. She collected and saved everything. We wanted to put our childhood home up for sale, but had to clean it out first. We did not know where to start.

We started calling companies to sell the contents of the home. We were offered $6,000 for all of her belongings, and we were still going to be responsible for the removal of what was left and the trash hauling. A friend recommended we call Heritage Estate Sales. We spoke with the owner Gabriel Cervantes. He immediately started addressing our concerns, and gave us some peace of mind. He was very professional and assured us he would make more money for us with an estate sale.

His team came in like miracle workers and restored the house to look like a beautiful home. We have not seen our mother’s house look like that in years. They conducted an estate sale that was open to the public. We sent in some of our neighbors to report to us how things were going. They reported that the sales people were all so pleasant and knowledgeable. Our neighbors ended up purchasing some of my mother’s china.

When the sale was completed, the few items that were left unsold were donated. We were given a receipt with a list of what was donated with their values. Two days after the sale, the house was completely empty and clean. We were very pleased with the way the sale was conducted, and even more pleased with the $24,000.00 check we received.

Gabriel and his team were all very sensitive to our family’s needs. They made a difficult time in our lives so much easier. My mother would have been proud.

Sincerely, The Davis Family