Vintage Lionel train cars from the 1960s and track type O gague


This is a great lot of vintage Lionel trains from the 1960s.  They are untested, so their functionality is unknown.  They are in o.k. shape, with some having stains and blemishes.  There are two engine cars with their cargo, and a small amount of straight track.  There is not an electrical switching station, so this lot is best for someone who has started a collection already or a re-seller.  There are instruction manuals, some of which are for items not present in the auction, and there is a box for an item not present in the auction, only the manuals and box are included not the items that would have originated with them.  There is an envelope pictured with the manuals, it is empty.  There is a total of 13 rail cars, at least one has a bent wheel axle (milk car.) 

1) Pennsylvania Caboose 477618

2) Red Dump Car 3559

3) Crane Car

4) Engine 675          5) Coal Cargo

6) Engine 224          7) Coal Cargo

8) Pennsylvania Cargo Car 347 000

9) D.L.W. Cargo Car 6419

10) Sunoco Gas Car

11) Automatic refrigerated milk car 3462 (not working, but milk jugs included)

12) Baby ruth candy cargo car

13) Automatic Dump car 3469

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