Happy Birthday Bugs production cels limited edition 2 of 500 complete set of five


Animation art from the Warner Brother Studio. 

This is a limited edition release of five production cels.  They were released in 1990 and feature scene from earlier released Looney Tunes cartoon.   This set is special, it is number 2 of 500.  Very rarely will you come across such a low number in a collection.  This limited edition collection belonged to an executive at Warner Brothers at the time.  She was the one who actually authenticated this limited edition.  The certificate of authenticity is included. 


1) The old Grey Hare

2) A Lad in His Lap

3) Big House Bunny

4) A Wild Hare

5) Rabbit Fire


This auction is for one collection of a handful of Warner Brothers production cels that were picked out of a larger collection.  They are authentic, the owner worked at the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood California, and this is where these were obtained.  The cels have been stored well and are in great condition.  This is a replica set, these cels were not used on air.