Antique Pressed Steel Girard Fire Chief wind-up battery opperated car 1919-1922


This Vintage Fire Chief wind up battery operated toy by "The Girard Model Works" Company would be a great addition to any collection.  The company was founded by Frank E. Wood who operated under this name from 1919-1922.  The later fire chief toy was made under the company operated after this time when the company was re-named.  It is made of heavy gauge pressed steel.  It operated on the old battery system and will need restoration to get it going again.  The lights are missing or broken.  The key winds up and the wheels turn, but it is not smooth and also needs to be worked on to make it operational.  It is unknown if the siren works. The front axle is turning back and fourth.  Please view pictures to judge the condition of the toy.  This toy is close to 100 years old now and is a great piece of Americana history.


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