1962 Barbie MINT model 850 blonde hair pony tail NEVER removed from box


This vintage 1962 Barbie doll is one of the originals.  (The 1st Barbie was released in 1959).   It is stock number 850 and features blonde hair In a ponytail. The thing that makes this doll special is it has NEVER been removed from the box.  It comes from an estate who are the original owners, it was won at an auction in 1962 and has been tucked away until now.  


The condition is immaculate.  The box does have slight discoloring in small areas, but I believe everything to be intact.  I have seen other listing where there is a bag over the head of the doll, it is not present with this Barbie.  I am not sure if this ever had a bag, if so it is gone.  This Barbie has really never been removed from the box.  Her arms, hair, legs, and the sealed pack with the booklet and shoes are still sitting in the exact place they were over 50 years ago.  She is wearing a red swimsuit.  I have seen other auctions claim the doll has never been removed, and then you see pictures of the doll outside of the box.  I am not going to remove the doll from the box, so I will not be able to take pictures of the hidden area.  The pedi stool is included and packaged in its original location.  Please ask any questions you may have  about the condition of this doll.  This is a Japanese import by Mattel.  See other auctions for sealed clothing packets to accompany this doll.

 This 5 day auction is has no reserve.  Will ship USPS Priority with insurance and a signature confirmation may be required.